Materials & Resources

Target: 7.5 points

Using materials efficiently and conserving our resources is becoming increasingly important in today’s world.  Minimizing construction waste not only saves money, but helps extend the life of our landfills.



In order to reduce the amount of wood used, pre-designed open web truss joists for floor framing (20” o.c.) and web joists for roof framing were used.  All engineered and framing packages were developed prior to ordering lumber.  This helped minimize the waste generated on-site.


environmentally-friendly products

We tried to utilize materials that are friendly to the environment.  All adhesives, caulking, and paints were low VOC.  We chose cabinets that were urea-formaldehyde free.

We incorporated 100% hard flooring – wood on the upper levels and polished concrete in the basement.  We ordered materials from local sources whenever possible – our hardwood maple floors were harvested and milled within 500 miles.


waste management

The contractor maintained separate recycling bins on site for all the metals, wood, and drywall used during the construction project.